This feels like the spot to tell you I’m a wedding and humanitarian photographer based out of the Midwest. But, seeing as you’re here and reading this, you probably already know that. In case you’re someone that would rather sit on the couch sharing some appetizers and get down to the good stuff, I think that’s what we’ll do instead. (Also, if now all you’re doing is thinking about appetizers, maybe especially nachos, I’m already looking forward to our friendship.)
       Depending on where you stumbled upon one of our sites, you may already know I really, really value vulnerability. If someone follows our photography page online, it’s one of my largest goals for them to not feel like a stranger. I pray if they read a story about one of our couples, or see a photo of a loving embrace, they feel at home. If I can create an environment that feels like love is pulled over you the same way your favorite old sweater is pulled over your shoulders, I will have made it.
       This may not be the most lucrative business strategy, but it is no different when it comes to my couples. I firmly believe I can do my job better when I know, love, and cherish each bride or groom. (I think they have a better time when they can spend upwards of 10 hours of their wedding day with a friend, too.) Three cheers for friends over business strategies.


- A crisp John Denver album. (Extra points if Sunshine on my shoulders is playing.)
- Balance, as in going to a lovely yoga class in the morning and also enjoying your second McDonald's meal by sunset. :)
- A little disposable camera to take photos of my guy and I.
- The type of weather where every window can be flung open and  and fresh air lulls you to sleep. 
- My clients. Sincerely, they are the highlight of my job and most all of my days. 


Goodwill & All Thrift Stores
Wonderstate Coffee
(Viroqua, Wi)

Kickapoo Valley Reserve
(Kickapoo, Wi)
Anywhere my nieces and nephew are running around

The Root Note (Downtown La Crosse)
Cafe No Se
(Antigua, Guatemala)

My favorite places in the world (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER)